Episode 17: Dementia - A conversation with Kate Swaffer Chair, CEO and a co-founder of Dementia Alliance International

Episode Description


All episodes in the month of September will be dedicated to conversations about dementia. The aim of the series is to raise awareness of dementia and experiences of it across the world.

The series starts with a conversation with Kate Swaffer (Humanitarian & Chair/CEO/Co-founder of Dementia Alliance International). 

Monday Science is funding-raising for DAI during the series. The aim is to raise £500. Please donate via our Just Giving Page (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/monday-science)

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Biography - Kate Swaffer

Kate Swaffer is an award-winning campaigner for the rights of people with dementia and older persons globally, including the Global Leader in the 100 most influential women in Australia in 2018, and the South Australian Of The Year in 2017.


She has a Master of Science in Dementia Care, a Bachelor of Psychology, a BA, a graduate Diploma in grief counselling, and is a retired chef, and a retired nurse.


Kate is a humanitarian, and the Chair, CEO and a co-founder of Dementia Alliance International. She has published two books, What the hell happened to my brain? Living beyond dementia (2016) and Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Another Dementia (2016), plus two poetry books, and countless journal articles, media appearances and interviews, publications, and blogs.


Kate is actively involved globally in reframing not only the narrative of dementia, but dementia as a disability, and advocates for human and legal rights for all people with dementia, including equal access to the CRPD. She is an elected board member of Alzheimer’s Disease International, a past elected member of the World Dementia Council, and an Ambassador for Step Up For Dementia Research in Australia.


Kate is an Honorary Associate Fellow, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, University of Wollongong, and an International Fellow, England Centre for Practice Development, Canterbury Christ Church University. Her uncompleted doctoral work, and other research projects focus on Dementia as a Disability, Disability Rights, Human and Legal Rights, Stigma, Quality of Life, and the Public Discourse of Dementia.

Follow Kate on Twitter & Instagram (@KateSwaffer) on Facebook (@Kate.Swaffer) & LinkedIn.

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