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Episode 2: COVID19, a marathon, not a sprint! - A conversation with Dr Saskia Popescu
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Episode Description

In this episode, Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham has a very insightful conversation with Dr Saskia Popescu (see her biography below) about zoonotic diseases, COVID19 and it's impact on healthcare. Dr Popescu also answer listeners questions on COVID19.

Additional Information

Biography - Dr Saskia Popescu

Dr. Saskia Popescu is an infectious disease epidemiologist and infection preventionist with a focus on hospital biopreparedness and the role of infection prevention in health security efforts. Dr Popescu is an expert in healthcare biopreparedness and is nationally recognized for her work to build hospital response to infectious diseases events.


Dr Popescu holds a PhD in Biodefense from George Mason University, a Masters in Public Health with a focus on infectious diseases, and a Masters of Arts in International Security Studies, from the University of Arizona. Saskia is a 2017 fellow of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative (ELBI), an external expert for the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC), and a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship at George Mason University.


During her work as an infection preventionist, Dr Popescu managed Ebola response, a 300+ measles exposure resulting in an MMWR article, and bioterrorism preparedness in the hospital system.


Follow Dr Saskia Popescu on Twitter @SaskiaPopescu

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