Episode 21: "Let's just make it to 2021" - Conversation with Dr Zoë Ayres about Academic Mental Health Part I

Episode Description

In this episode Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham discussed academic mental health with Dr Zoë Ayres who is an Analytical R&D scientist and mental health advocate driving for change. 

You can follow Zoë on Twitter @zjayres!

Find out more about Zoë's work www.zjayres.com 


Episode image credit: Scicommics https://www.instagram.com/science_commics/ 

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Biography - Dr Zoë Ayres

Zoë is an analytical scientist by background, with an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science, Masters in analytical chemistry and PhD in electrochemical sensor development.


After spending several years in academia post-PhD, she moved to industry, and is now an analytical research scientist in the water industry.


Zoë is also is a mental health advocate in her spare time, working towards improving mental health in research settings, primarily focusing on academic mental health.


She raises awareness of the common issues people face throughout academia through various campaigns, talks and initiatives, and is the author of the #mentalhealth poster series on Twitter.


You can find her on Twitter @zjayres!

Find out more about Zoe's work www.zjayres.com 

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