Episode 73: COVID19, Science Education and more with Mr Forhad Hussain

Episode Description

In this episode Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham talks about Chemistry, Science Education and the impact of COVID19 lockdowns in secondary schools with Mr Forhad Hussain (see bio. www.mondaysciencepodcast.com/episode73 ), a Science Teacher.

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Biography - Mr Forhad Hussain

Mr Forhad Hussain is a Science Teacher, teaching at a secondary school and sixth form in Essex. He has been teaching for the last 6 years.


Prior to teaching, Forhad completed an undergraduate programme in Biomedical Science. Since completing his teacher training (PGCE) with Canterbury Christ Church University, he has also completed an MA in Education at the University of East London.


To date, he has held several positions including KS3 and KS3 Subject Lead for Science and I have previously held other roles.

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