Episode 102: Jesse Chuku - basketball, psychology, content creating and more!

This episode is the second of a two-part series featuring Jesse Chuku, online content creator and former professional basketball player, with degrees in psychology and design.

What is it like being a content creator?

“I can’t really comprehend the numbers sometimes” – Jesse

Jesse explains that he has to look at his social media statistics in order to track his progress, however he doesn’t like getting caught up in the numbers as he feels it takes a bit away from the creative side. With such an impressive outreach, Jesse finds it hard to grasp how many people have seen his videos all over the world and finds a lot of fulfilment when they can help people through tough times. However, he also highlights the difficulty of having your content stolen and reposted by different accounts without providing any credit.

What is the content creation process like?

“I’m more like a crazy artist” – Jesse

Considering the actual process of creating content, Jesse states that he doesn’t have much structure and prefers to go with the flow of things and what he feels like doing at the moment. Jesse writes his ideas down when they come to mind, and eventually, when everything comes together, he takes the time to organize the structure of his videos and what they might look like. He prefers producing content authentically, and not having to force himself what he doesn’t feel like it.

What skills has he gained?

Jesse explains that editing has been one of the most important skills he’s learnt throughout his creative journey. He started out by editing videos on his phone, but as time went on, he had to learn more complex skills to fulfil his video ideas – most of which he did through YouTube. He also states that he has had to develop his acting skills in his videos, without having had any mentorship or previous experience. However, he has found that he is improving in each area every time.

Who is the real Jesse Chuku?

Jesse feels as though most people would describe him as more of an athlete than a creative, although he sees himself as more of a creative. He explains that even when he plays basketball, he thinks more creatively. Jesse feels that what he has enjoyed the most about his journey has been making both his viewers and himself laugh, and finds every aspect of the creation process very fun and fresh. He states that he has grown a lot in character and feels more complete through being able to express himself more without any restrictions.

“The vision I have of my best self inspires me” – Jesse

Tips for content creation

Jesse identifies having a structure in place as the main tip for anyone who wants to start creating content. He explains that taking action is the most important thing, as well as avoiding dwelling on what could go wrong.

What is next for Jesse?

As of now, Jesse is looking to make longer content, especially on YouTube, and would like to have more people involved in his content.

Jesse’s take-home messages

“Stay connected and be true to yourself” – Jesse

Jesse emphasizes the importance of maintaining authenticity and trusting your intuition in order to guide you in making decisions, as well as stepping out of your comfort zone.

Listen to the full episode here.

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